Air Cleanser


The Air Cleaner is a natural nasal palette cleanser used to reset your senses.
Composed of homeopathic essential oils that refresh the kitchen air prior to and after cooking

Made with natural ingredients, non toxic and allergen free materials. Colour and texture may vary.
Cruelty free and no animal testing or by products used.
Homeopathic and paraben FREE

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Sophisticated Chef’s products exist to ensure a happy, healthy home. A product of ours that embodies this the best? The Sophisticated Chef Air Cleanser. A natural nasal palate cleanser, this air cleanser not only resets your senses but also refreshes kitchen air prior to and after cooking. This product has been specially formulated for Sophisticated Chef’s anti-bacterial range as part of the Pantry Planning Collection. Delivering a fresh fragrance that does not affect sinuses, it also doubles-up as a handbag-friendly refreshing spritzer, and is perfect for cooling a person down on a hot summer’s day – leave it in the fridge and you will find no better sensation of refreshment when the heat becomes too much. This all-natural air cleanser can also be used as an anti-insect repellent or bathroom air-freshener, making it ideal for travel.

Consisting of homeopathic essential oils and only natural ingredients, our air cleanser is cruelty-free, non-toxic, paraben-free* and allergen-free, embodying Sophisticated Chef’s desire to ensure that our users experience the purest products that prioritise their health and wellbeing. With the Sophisticated Chef Air Cleanser and its many uses, your home will always smell gorgeous and you’ll never be unprepared.

*Parabens are widely used preservatives with acid and alcohol characteristics that are used in cosmetics and personal-care products. Our paraben-free products are void of such harmful additions.

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