French style preserved green olives produced in the Witzenberg Valley, Tulbagh, Western Cape.

Green Olives,Water,
Garlic, Sea Salt,
Herbs and Spices,
Olive Oil

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No dinner party is complete without some olives to get the evening started, just as many recipes are dependent on their flavourful addition to truly make the dish. Sophisticated Chef’s hand-selected, premium South African green olives are locally and lovingly grown in Tulbagh. Our green olives marinade in a unique French-style brine that is only used by Sophisticated Chef and consists of a mix of water, Sophisticated Chef olive oil, garlic, and the finest sea salt, herbs and spices, culminating in a juicy, flavourful olive that is great as a snack or an addition to salads, pastas, tapenades, tagines or any other dishes that call for olives as an ingredient.


Our olives enjoy a two week production journey where they are picked green and put through an intensive pickling method, ensuring that they stay green, crunchy and flavourful. Green olives boast a number of health benefits, offering the likes of sodium, potassium, iron and vitamin E – which is great for skin – along with the means to keep cholesterol and blood pressure low and prevent blood clots.


We pride ourselves on supporting local businesses, farms and communities, and our olives are no different. Our olives can be enjoyed locally, but also boast an export premium quality that even the finest olive-producers in the world envy.


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